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About Me

Lizz Vega is a multi-talented musician from Los Angeles, California, known for explosive harp/guitar and tantalizing improvisations, combined with a unique and mesmerizing voice. 

Since 2015, Lizz Vega has logged hundreds of performances, and grown a massive community on Twitch TV, passing 6 million views and has quickly grown to be one of the most influential musicians on the platform. 

The creative spark of Lizz Vega comes from using music and songwriting as a way to truly express herself. Finding an escape in music through dedicated passion in everything she does, while discovering the truest form of synchronicity between her mind and emotions. For Lizz, songwriting has been a tool to express her feelings and discover herself. This pure passion and love for expression through music is what makes Lizz Vega's music raw, true, and from the heart.   

Lizz Vega is currently working on her debut studio album  featuring many of her highly anticipated original songs such as "Jewelry Box", "Can Love Still Save Us", and many more.


You can catch Lizz Vega on her Twitch channel where she streams multiple nights per week as well as many festivals and venues across the US. 

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